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It boils down to scenes in fiction, in much of life really, so I am fleshing out the scenes in the next installment of my Doc Dickens mystery series. Trying to get an extra one in the drawer before publishing my first novel with the character, a retired Chiropractor and ex-Marine who finds himself in the middle of a murder scene. Enjoying writing him and have been able to keep up the steam on his character and bang out 4 drafts of the first novel in 2 1/2 months. Letting it go cold so I can punch it up and fling it out the door of productivity the start of January.

So I am working on scenes, which are coming out of the shadows of my subconscious like a guest I didn’t know I invited to the table of my story. That is the intriguing part about writing that makes it so interesting for me. The spontaneity of the human mind.

Keep writing everyone, it’s worth it!

The Back and Forth

Digital or analog?

Screen or paper?

The process goes back and forth. For a while I’ll be finger sore from writing in on a notepad or a notebook with a fountain pen. The next I am feeling the friction between the fingers as I type on the computer. At length I would hammer away at the typewriter until I OCR the text and start editing on the compy.

There is no solution, all work as long as they work. Analog means you can’t transfer it so easy. Digital means you’ve got to plug in and look at a screen-something I will admit I loath, but I produce e-books! So what to do?

It doesn’t matter really does it? The point is to get the words out in any form which is exactly what I will be doing. I’m a writer after all and that is what I WILL do!

You too-Keep writing!

Popeye and Nostalgia’s Faces

I feel fortunate really. After all, with the way tech is going we have the chance to show our children all of the fun things that we grew up with in our youth. Now we come to Popeye, that land lubber of a sailor and his girlfriend Olive Oyl, his adopted son Swee’ Pea and fighting the ever present Bluto.

Watching the really old Fantastic Films one reel shorts with my daughter I am reminded of how different they are from the ones that came later in the 50’s and 60’s. Olive Oyl was a tough broad who didn’t put up with much, and could fight her way out of almost anything. In the later shows she became a weak damsel in distress. Funny how things reversed on that one.

My daughter actually likes the old shorts which are a lot of fun. I remember fondly the color short Popeye meets Sinbad the Sailor. The layering technique of using real backgrounds was a really amazing special effect. I remember vividly watching that one at my grandparents house as a child.

But the real reason I like my 7 year old daughter watching them is because it was a different world. Machines, boats, factories and telephones. Typewriters and window washers. Different times indeed. I get to share that world with my child and let her see the past.

Is it just me, or are the millennials missing out on something big? I grew up around my grandparents and learned a great deal about how things used to be. That you CAN fix things if they brake. That digital is NOT the only way. I know, I know- a GenXer who is now getting old!


But hey Popeye! Don’t forget your spinach!

Keep writing!

KDPlease? Kindle Direct Publishing Gripes

Before it seems that I am complaining about Kindle Direct Publishing I would like to say I actually am very thankful for it. People anywhere in the world can access and buy books I have on Amazon, a win/win situation which doesn’t cost me anything to use. but it doesn’t make me any money either…….

So far I have published 6 books. My latest is Gas Station


Gas Station mini.jpg

But there is a catch: I want to write novels, which I am doing, but I get bogged down in having to spend so much time stumping for my books it gets me irksome! I pushed for my last book quite a bit.

To date I have made- $4

Reminds me of the old joke I read about in Get Real Get Gone (great book)-

What’s the difference between a musician and a large pizza?

A large pizza can feed a family of four!

That is what I am running into with KDP and admittedly it is not their fault.

Either way you know what I am going to do-that’s right, Keep writing!!!!!



A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in my classroom here at my home and the fire sirens went off around here. I started to hear fire engines and ran upstairs to look around for smoke, shocked to see it about 150 meters from my house streaming into the morning sky. I jumped out of the house with my camera in hand and took these shots. It’s a small apartment building that went quickly, but the fire department stuck the water to it fast and it was out in 10 minutes.







Rough Drafting it Through


Yep, at that stage again, of letting a rough draft of my latest novel molder in the drawer of my mind. This is for the best. I need to come back to it and look at it fresh, so I let it go cold on me. It becomes mind cheese. It is fermenting. It’s a tulip bulb.

In the mean time I work on covers…..



What am I Doing WroNG ????



There just are not enough hours in the day, so I decided to change my day.

Blogging is the way people let off steam…………

chicken icecream

A Story of Two Tape Recorders

I ran into a trouble a couple of weeks ago. My Sony TCM-400 tape recorder was starting to show signs of ending. I can not rewind and the play mechanism often freezes. I would have to say though, to be fair to the Sony corp. designers, this tape recorder has lasted 16 years without a single complaint.

Sony TCM-400

The design has a slow down/speed up dial on the right and a regular or half speed recording switch on the left. Its mic was good and did well against wind. A standard 60 minute take on half speed could last (do the math) 120 minutes, though you got a drop in quality and sounded like a chipmunk if the tape were played on a regular speed deck.


I went looking for a replacement and was out of luck for a new Sony. Actually I noticed a really interesting thing at the electronics shops here in Japan; you could barely find any of the players/recorders in stock! People are still buying them up. I found this one on sale for around $30 with a stripped down design that boasts a simple hole style mic and a typical button lay out. It is nearly identical to my Sony in size and weight, a big plus as it fits in the palm of my hand.

overhead shot

Sure the Sony had a counter, VOR auto sound ON recording, a half speed and a pause button, but they are all asides to the fact it records sound. The ELPA has almost nothing, but it has enough and is at a good price point.

Tape Recorders

Why do I even bother with using tapes???? Well, they don’t get damaged by water, they are easily recycled and they are analog. They take batteries and work pretty well. And I use them to dictate and write with, so that is the key point.

Find what works, keep moving with it.

Keep writing!

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