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Follow the blog of Vickie Garrison as she related her story of cancer and faith.

Source: When the Music Stops


Got a Kindle Gift Card for Christmas?

Would like to wish all of those following this blog a Happy New Year! Whether you are an aspiring writer, an avid reader or a hard working teacher may your coming year be filled with joys and challenges which will be overcome!

I also wanted to mention my two novels available world wide on Amazon Kindle. The first is The Intelligent Octopus an action story set on a college campus. My second novel is The Cards a mystery novel and family drama.

Both are free on Kindle Unlimitted or just $1.05 (USD).

Best wishes, and Keep Writing!

Fountain Pen Power

I finally got sick and spent today in a state of drowsy, headache pain. I should be grateful, and I am, because I didn’t get sick before my schools big Christmas party, or all of the other Christmas events I worked at this month as a teacher of English in Japan. God has been good.

Then I came down with what’s going round. Eventually I bounced back, thanks to an ibuprofine at the right time, and my mind picked up the pace, wanting to think up most of the plot for a new novel.

In enters the fountain pen. I started using these pens about two years ago. My current work pen is a tortous shell Noodler’s Ahab, fitted with a very old gold plated #6 Signature nib. I sat down with my pad of graph paper and started writing down all I could think of for the novel; scenes,  a new title and character name for the protagonist, a couple of key points and so on. The fountain pen is a really good pen to write with because it is frictionless and smooth, this one using Mont Blanc Toffee Brown to match the pen. On that point I started this whole desire to be a writer more than 14 years ago while sitting in a Starbucks writing in notebooks with a brown gel ink pen called Signo I beleive and the color always seemed to match my feeling writing being something different than business-as-usual.

So I bounce back, keep writing, and you know what? So should you!

Ubuntu, Sorry you couldn’t make it….

The news feed on Google mentioned that Ubuntu will not make its 200 million download goal that it projected 4 years or so ago. If you are not familiar with Linux then you might already be wondering what in heavens name am I typing about?

Ubuntu is the distribution name for one of the more popular Linux OS out there. Others might be Red Hat, Linux Mint and Fedora (not the mens hat). I am using Ubuntu on this Acer Aspire One, which was preloaded with Microsoft Windows XP originally. Now I run Ubuntu on it and enjoy the fresh operation compared with the ever slowing Windows software that came with the machine.

In some was I am a bit dissapointed Ubuntu could not reach their goal. Their OS is very functional, offers a lot of things over Windows previous versions (but not over Windows 8) and runs well on older hardware, which saves money. Case in point, this computer is 8 years old and is being used regularly at the same level as what the same hardware at our currect electronics shop sells, using an OS that was free.

Let me just repeat that-FREE. Ubuntu, and the other must popular Linux OS Linux Mint are free. They also have no real problems with viruses because they take up such a small percentage of the market compared with Mac and Windows platforms.

So I just wanted to say to those who wanted Ubuntu to reach thier 200 million download goal, sorry. For the rest of you though, if you have an older PC and don’t mind trying new things in life then check it out, you might be impressed.

Neil Gander-Where are you now?

There is something intangible about a tandem bicycle. Well yes, actually there is something particular about it that makes me happy actually, my parents had a tandem. Correction-they still have that tandem!

Neil Gander was an author I had never heard of until stumbling on his humorous and well written accounts titled Kok & Tvatt- Through Scandinavia on a Tandem and No Room at the Moustache and Mullet, the second and completing book of the journey.

What can I say about these books? Well written, detailed, observant and worth the ridiculously low price! Both are long reads and detail Neil and his girlfriend Kathryn cycle from Nordkapp Norway though Scandinavia and Europe until finishing their journey in Malta. If you like travel books, logs of peoples experiences, are an armchair traveler or a tandem enthusiast, then his books are for you. Find them in the Kindle store, a tandem pair of books following an incredible journey through Europe.

39 Steps in the Right Direction

I have been working on my next book, slowly and surely putting together to the pieces. My goal is ambitious, write a book about Gold River City, my fictionalized rendition of Kanazawa, with 100 chapters. It might be a construct, but it is also a tangible goal which I can work toward without guilt.

Writing is hard enough when you want to get a story down. Life gets in the way, as my blog article The Slump mentions, but in this book I feel a little joyous after completing each chapter. I have no set length for chapters, just that they are using the prompts I have created for each one, and finishing one, even a bad one, is a quantifiable step closer to completion. So far I have completed 39 Chapters and the last one written made me happy, made me smile because it did what writers throughout time have been surprised by, it sort of happened without really thinking about it.

To all of your writers out there, whether struggling to get the time or the inspiration or the flow, do me a favor. Make it a personal favor too, won’t you? Keep writing!