The Slump

Untitled designThe Slump

Here we are, right here, in this very odd position, looking at the facts. I have not been able to get the work done on my third book and what can I say? Slacker, rube, moron, idiot, lazy bum, foolishly over-estimating nincompoop?

Life gets in my way, I would call that excuse number 1. I think it is the change of the seasons, excuse 2. I caught a cold and never got back into the rhythm again, excuse 3.

I will instead call this a slump. An inevitable part of the creative process that gets in the way and makes everyone frustrated with the lack of progress. There is he word we all either live for or dread, the term Steve Jobs used that was much less polite was “move product” I believe he said. Things have got to get done, butt in chair, stare at the page until you bleed sort of thing right?

I am here to tell you slumps pass. A slump is not a chasm, not a bottomless pit, not a failure. It is a period of time. So now that time is coming to an end, the sun is bright and frankly lets get down to business.

I want you to write that novel, I’m rooting for you. You’ve got the idea, got the fingers and the means, so do it.


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