39 Steps in the Right Direction

I have been working on my next book, slowly and surely putting together to the pieces. My goal is ambitious, write a book about Gold River City, my fictionalized rendition of Kanazawa, with 100 chapters. It might be a construct, but it is also a tangible goal which I can work toward without guilt.

Writing is hard enough when you want to get a story down. Life gets in the way, as my blog article The Slump mentions, but in this book I feel a little joyous after completing each chapter. I have no set length for chapters, just that they are using the prompts I have created for each one, and finishing one, even a bad one, is a quantifiable step closer to completion. So far I have completed 39 Chapters and the last one written made me happy, made me smile because it did what writers throughout time have been surprised by, it sort of happened without really thinking about it.

To all of your writers out there, whether struggling to get the time or the inspiration or the flow, do me a favor. Make it a personal favor too, won’t you? Keep writing!


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