Neil Gander-Where are you now?

There is something intangible about a tandem bicycle. Well yes, actually there is something particular about it that makes me happy actually, my parents had a tandem. Correction-they still have that tandem!

Neil Gander was an author I had never heard of until stumbling on his humorous and well written accounts titled Kok & Tvatt- Through Scandinavia on a Tandem and No Room at the Moustache and Mullet, the second and completing book of the journey.

What can I say about these books? Well written, detailed, observant and worth the ridiculously low price! Both are long reads and detail Neil and his girlfriend Kathryn cycle from Nordkapp Norway though Scandinavia and Europe until finishing their journey in Malta. If you like travel books, logs of peoples experiences, are an armchair traveler or a tandem enthusiast, then his books are for you. Find them in the Kindle store, a tandem pair of books following an incredible journey through Europe.


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