Fountain Pen Power

I finally got sick and spent today in a state of drowsy, headache pain. I should be grateful, and I am, because I didn’t get sick before my schools big Christmas party, or all of the other Christmas events I worked at this month as a teacher of English in Japan. God has been good.

Then I came down with what’s going round. Eventually I bounced back, thanks to an ibuprofine at the right time, and my mind picked up the pace, wanting to think up most of the plot for a new novel.

In enters the fountain pen. I started using these pens about two years ago. My current work pen is a tortous shell Noodler’s Ahab, fitted with a very old gold plated #6 Signature nib. I sat down with my pad of graph paper and started writing down all I could think of for the novel; scenes,  a new title and character name for the protagonist, a couple of key points and so on. The fountain pen is a really good pen to write with because it is frictionless and smooth, this one using Mont Blanc Toffee Brown to match the pen. On that point I started this whole desire to be a writer more than 14 years ago while sitting in a Starbucks writing in notebooks with a brown gel ink pen called Signo I beleive and the color always seemed to match my feeling writing being something different than business-as-usual.

So I bounce back, keep writing, and you know what? So should you!


One thought on “Fountain Pen Power

  1. I find it so bizarre how something like the type of pen, paper, and/or place to write can have such a bearing on how fruitful the experience is. Yet, it’s exactly those things that make the different. I’m still struggling to find my signature ink color, but I do know I do better with spirals than with any other paper tool.


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