Ubuntu, Sorry you couldn’t make it….

The news feed on Google mentioned that Ubuntu will not make its 200 million download goal that it projected 4 years or so ago. If you are not familiar with Linux then you might already be wondering what in heavens name am I typing about?

Ubuntu is the distribution name for one of the more popular Linux OS out there. Others might be Red Hat, Linux Mint and Fedora (not the mens hat). I am using Ubuntu on this Acer Aspire One, which was preloaded with Microsoft Windows XP originally. Now I run Ubuntu on it and enjoy the fresh operation compared with the ever slowing Windows software that came with the machine.

In some was I am a bit dissapointed Ubuntu could not reach their goal. Their OS is very functional, offers a lot of things over Windows previous versions (but not over Windows 8) and runs well on older hardware, which saves money. Case in point, this computer is 8 years old and is being used regularly at the same level as what the same hardware at our currect electronics shop sells, using an OS that was free.

Let me just repeat that-FREE. Ubuntu, and the other must popular Linux OS Linux Mint are free. They also have no real problems with viruses because they take up such a small percentage of the market compared with Mac and Windows platforms.

So I just wanted to say to those who wanted Ubuntu to reach thier 200 million download goal, sorry. For the rest of you though, if you have an older PC and don’t mind trying new things in life then check it out, you might be impressed.


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