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You can not find the WILL OF GOD by yourself

This might sound like a very heavy topic for any blogging person to undertake, but I would like to clear the air about a topic my generation had a lot of trouble with, the nebulous WILL OF GOD.

Now my my generation I speak of those in Generation X, those who were under a great deal of pressure in our teen years under the assumption we needed to find this some-what undefined thing for ourselves. Trouble was, the will of God was never defined as being a solid and definite thing to those of us who went through Bible schools or colleges.

Semantics might be part of the problem, but I think it was a lack of teachers teaching correctly. They knew what the will of God was, I assume, and yet brushed over the fact I would like to relate here and now-the will of God is written very clearly in the Word of God.

My generation was told to go out and find something without being told exactly what it was, and worse being told we could find the will that was meant for us.

If you feel you are in God’s will, then…..” Became a typical parental response, which could only lead in the logical direction of self doubt and eventual quitting in many cases.

So here I am telling you that the will of God is not something you have to go out and find for yourself, because let’s face it you (and I) can not find anything good on our own. Human nature is just sinful that way and Satan likes to fool with people-believers or otherwise-who keep their noses out of the Bible.

I was listening to a message and came across a good example of a passage where Paul is telling us God’s will. It’s not the only one, there are many in the New Testament, but it is one all Christians must follow as the will of God and so I share it to encourage you here.

1 Thessalonian 5:16-18

16 Rejoice always;

17 pray without ceasing;

18 in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

New American Standard Version

Teachers out there, those who are talking with the young ones of this generation, please heed my advice. If a student says they can not find the will of God for their life, point them to the passages that directly tell them what we all are supposed to be doing in this life. It will give them more confidence, more clarity and more wisdom than all the searching they might do anywhere else. If they go out and search anything but the scriptures don’t be so surprised why they didn’t follow them.

May we all follow the will of God as illustrated above, for His glory and our own peace of mind.