“Somebody stop her she’s going insane!”

So says Peppermint Patty to Marcy.

“When are you going to face up to reality!”

Marcy is good with come backs.

I drank down the 6 year aged ginsing drink and wondered if it would kill me. I mean not that I thought it would, but the idea crossed my mind reading wikipedia and the explanation of the influenza.

“May cause cardiac arrest.”

OK, that might be a stretch. I mean the virus would cause the death not the energy drink itself, but hey I can dream-right? Or would worry be a better word?

Influenza is a funny thing. I have it right now and the doctor gave me a pile of medicine to take for a week. I had a fever, low grade as it was, when I stepped in the door of the clinic. The next day I haven’t had a fever at all. I don’t know exactly what I have. The test said I have influenza +A after they shoved the test swab to the back of my head!

So the doc was a bit worried about me having asthma, a condition I have never had in my entire life. Influenza can make asthma more pronounced, but I don’t think I have it. Never have. I think I know what it really is-I’m just out of shape.

“I admit, sometimes the world needs rain, but it doesn’t need baseball games.” So says Lucy.

I had to take five days of work off, and as a self employed teacher that is a problem. But my student come first.

“You’re a fanatic and your losing your mind!”

So says Linus.

Virus, get out. I am sick of you, making me take off work, making me take these pills, while not even making me sick. Influenza, take it or leave it.


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