I recently gave a message at my church from James 5:7-11. Job sticks out as one of those Biblical characters whose life should be studied and understood for the example it is. Here is an exert from my message when I got to verse 11.

Job was the richest man living in his day and had everything one could want in life. He had cattle, servants, many children and wealth. He was a good man, God even said so to Satan. Satan challenges God, saying it is only because of all those blessings Job remained a good man. He only seems to love God, if everything is taken away he would turn his back and hate God. God allows Satan to basically destroy Job’s life, even killing his children and ruining his health. Jobs’ wife tells him to curse God and die, to commit suicide. No one has been humbled lower than Job, but it didn’t stop there. Jobs’ three friends came by to comfort him, and turned instead to accuse him of hiding sin. You see it is the same old idea, only when you are doing something wrong God is supposed to punish you. They argued with him, asking what he had done, but Job continued to claim innocence. In all of these things Job stayed true to God. Eventually God Himself comes and talks to Job. He also rebukes Jobs’ friends. He then blesses Job with twice as much as before. Even giving him many more children. Some have said, jokingly, he must have also been blessed with another wife! The thing to remember with Job was he never was told why God allowed all of those terrible things to happen to him. He never saw the reason for his suffering, but he still believed and followed God. This is the point James wants us to realize I think. We may never know the reason for the trials we have in our lives, but God knows and we must be faithful to Him. Jesus is coming again, remember how important that is. Be patient brothers and sisters.

It was a blessing to have the chance to speak in our church with my wife translating the message into Japanese. Check out James Chapter 5 verses 7-11 and see if it encourages you. Patience is not an easy thing in our modern, high-paced, lifestyle.



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