If you wondered where I was, I was writing…

Over a two weeks ago I finished a rough draft of my forth coming novel Gold River City 100. I started with an outline last September of 2015 and finished the first week of May 2016. The experience was a positive one and the momentum towards the end was exciting as I closed in on writing my set goal of a 100 chapters for this book.

Now the fun and work of writing a novel does have some negative side effects, one being not writing on my blog! That is the conundrum. There is also the problem of reading which can also stop writing and we writers are usually bouncing between the reading and written pages of our lives.

I am telling you this, it is great to finish a rough draft! I know it is a rough draft and it still needs work to put it out in the public, but it is a huge step forward because there is a complete something. Not a part, not an incomplete, a total and entire in form novel. That is what keeps writers going, seeing their works reach stages were others will soon be able to read them and enjoy them. I hope you will, I know I did.

Keep writing!


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