I still use a tape recorder!

I think with all the IC recorders out there, and the smart phones, and the different gadgets that can record your voice many might find my use of a tape recorder, well, old fashioned.

The truth is I am cheap, while at the same time staying faithful to what has worked for me in the past. Cassette tapes are pretty tough and even if they fall in a river they are still playable.

Recently my niece and nephew and I went on an adventure to Kyoto. During the train ride, the temples and the other places, I recorded a lot of time on a 150 minute tape set at 1/2 speed. I use a Sony TCM-400 which I have had for maybe 15 years. It is practically new and the microphone is very good and picks up a great deal.


The good thing was I could record a total of 7 hours in the two days and I am now transcribing the text manually myself. That will be the topic of another blog post for sure!


So the verdict is that old technologies are still useful today. I use a male to male 3/4 inch cable that connects the earphone out to my computer and I record off the audio using Audacity.

The point, Keep Writing, even when you are talking, Keep Writing!


These are pictures from our trip to Kyoto, an adventure like no other! Eiga mura, or Movie Town is a popular sight seeing place and we had a good time looking at the buildings, Masked Rider (Kamen Rider) displays, ninjas and samurai.

Original Masked Riders
Another Masked Rider
Part of the displays
A samurai????
Old style street
There’s a ninja on the roof!
A town scene.

The Foreigner Abroad: Minnesota, Brexit and Trump

After 16 years of living in Japan I have gotten an interesting perspective of America through, well-not being there!

Minnesota! I am from New York State originally, but my most vivid memories of the State of Minnesota are from the popular TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s Mike Nelson and the episode Jack Frost. See it if you like, oh and Giant Spider Invasion would also bring up the State in full view.

Brexit is a huge issue in Japan. It was on the news, first things first, for at least a week. My niece told me people were not even really seeing anything about it in the States. That is too bad, as it does have ripple effects that are trickling down to the little guy, and rubbing off into things like Texit!

Trump is what he is, and that is so say he is not Hillary Clinton. At least Dolly Parton doesn’t endorse her!

Take it from the outside, things look different here.

Gold River City 100 is Now Available!

After months of working on my next book I finally got Part 1 of my collected short stories, titled Gold River City 100. All stories are set in the fictional Gold River City, my imagination factory for the real city of Kanazawa, Ishikawa Japan where I have lived for a long time now. The description for the novel is:

Nathan A. Emery’s first installment of stories is sure to open up new worlds of imagination as you step into Gold River City, the fictionalization of his beloved Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, Japan. Part fiction, part reality, switching to fantasy, brimming with humor, at the next turn a thriller-Part 1 brings you the first thirty chapters introducing the characters, places and culture of a very special city in Japan. Take the plunge, get lost in the streets of Gold River City

If you would like to check out my book search Amazon from Gold River City 100 Part 1, or just click HERE.Gold River City 100

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