The Foreigner Abroad: Minnesota, Brexit and Trump

After 16 years of living in Japan I have gotten an interesting perspective of America through, well-not being there!

Minnesota! I am from New York State originally, but my most vivid memories of the State of Minnesota are from the popular TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s Mike Nelson and the episode Jack Frost. See it if you like, oh and Giant Spider Invasion would also bring up the State in full view.

Brexit is a huge issue in Japan. It was on the news, first things first, for at least a week. My niece told me people were not even really seeing anything about it in the States. That is too bad, as it does have ripple effects that are trickling down to the little guy, and rubbing off into things like Texit!

Trump is what he is, and that is so say he is not Hillary Clinton. At least Dolly Parton doesn’t endorse her!

Take it from the outside, things look different here.


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