I still use a tape recorder!

I think with all the IC recorders out there, and the smart phones, and the different gadgets that can record your voice many might find my use of a tape recorder, well, old fashioned.

The truth is I am cheap, while at the same time staying faithful to what has worked for me in the past. Cassette tapes are pretty tough and even if they fall in a river they are still playable.

Recently my niece and nephew and I went on an adventure to Kyoto. During the train ride, the temples and the other places, I recorded a lot of time on a 150 minute tape set at 1/2 speed. I use a Sony TCM-400 which I have had for maybe 15 years. It is practically new and the microphone is very good and picks up a great deal.


The good thing was I could record a total of 7 hours in the two days and I am now transcribing the text manually myself. That will be the topic of another blog post for sure!


So the verdict is that old technologies are still useful today. I use a male to male 3/4 inch cable that connects the earphone out to my computer and I record off the audio using Audacity.

The point, Keep Writing, even when you are talking, Keep Writing!


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