2 Fiverr or Not 2 5er

Fiverr is a fairly new service on the web that offers people the opportunity to sell their services for only $5. This a starting point of course and many gigs, as they are known, skyrocket in price as the quality or quantity of the service is offered. Also there is a $1 process fee added on by Fiverr, they have to make something on it obviously, so $6 is the actual starting bar if you really want to know.



So I want to drum up some business and Fiverr seems like one way to do it that might be better than Kindle Direct Publishing‘s more difficult and pricy advertising regime. I joined Fiverr and found navigation fairly easy with the usual dashboard and other features you might expect from an on-demand service in the vein of ebay, amazon or Yahoo auctions. I found an advertiser named amrina, who offers promotion of ebooks and blogs.

My issue has to do with whether the service is worth it, so I messaged amrina through Fiverr’s built in messenger while logged into their sight. As is seen below I asked about what she offers


fiverr quote

Obviously English is not a first language here, and they are from Pakistan according to her profile, though these things are not necessarily a negative as long as quality is maintained.

So the question is this:

Should I or should I not try Fiverr?

Comments, suggestions and general thoughts are welcome. If I do use her service in the end I will let you know how it turned out.





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