Pratchett! I said Pratchett! (a Discworld review of the first two books)

 Reading is a great pass time. Let’s face it, writes are almost always readers themselves. Sometimes bibliophiles get in  a rut while reading, just as audiophiles get tired of the music they have been interested in. The solution? Find something new to read!

 So I wanted to switch up genre’s and had heard of the Disc world series while researching other sci-fi authors. I can tell you this much, Pratchett‘s books were a learning experience for the author’s mind. What would make him this way is his use of changing perspective, humor and first person voice to outright do what fiction writers are not to do-to describe things in an authoritative voice directly to a reader. And here is the thing, he does it so well it will impress anyone.

Another thing he does is his restraint in description. He gives you just enough to get the idea across and then lets you own imagination work. In The Color of Magic we are introduced to three interest in characters; Rincewind a failed wizard, Twoflower who is described as the Disc world’s first tourist and his luggage, simply referred to as the Luggage. These three set off on an unwitting journey the crux of which is to simply stay alive. He leaves us on a wonderful cliff hanger at the end of the book.

The second book, The Light Fantastic, continues where the last book leaves off and brings us to a nice conclusion that will give you the impression that yes there will be more to come.

I can not help but to read any book with a writer’s eye now that I have spent years writing my novels and doing my best to seek out helpful advice. Yet reading is as much a par of this as the advice often can be, Mr. Pratchett’s books prove that point that writing can be in any style within any genre and still show brilliance. With somewhere in the upwards of 29 Disc world books written I will have to read on to see how he developes his ideas, or how he just has fun. Because at the end of it he must have been having fun while writing, it comes through in the playfulness he shows even when talking about death! Especially when it is DEATH personified!

Everyone out there- keep writing!




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