Summer, American Style….

For me and my family summer means going to America. It means leaving our Japanese fast paced life style, one that we are used to and feel normal in, then switching to eating roasted marshmellow!

Quoddy Head Light House (the Easternmost point in America)

No, America is a place of food and slower paced life, as the homestay student we brought with us this summer mentioned while talking about what she liked about America.

Fire Ball and Zipper, Bangor State Fair 2016

My family lives in Maine,  a land of contrasts, mostly social. We went to the annual Bangor State Fair and saw, well frankly speaking, no shirt sleeve tattoed and died hair America. Then we visited Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor and saw people who have a bit more coin and a little less meat on their bones. Oh, and no tattoes, that is a big difference.


So America, you were different this year for me. I noticed more and I have regained a little hope that the North East isn’t what my high school and college life experience had lead me to think of you as….. Wait, I forgot about winter.

Visit in summer, please!

Keep writing.


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