Pokemon Go! and Japanese in the Park

Pokemon Go!and Japanese in the park

This is the summer of Pokémon Go! Even here in the land where Pokémon was created, of course.

To be honest I am a bit of a video game iconoclast. I don’t think games are the Devil, just they are a waste of time. Oh, hush now, as my grandmother would have said, don’t make me out to be evil on this point. I know they can be a reasonable escape for entertainment purposes, but it all boils down to battery life.

What? Well games like Pokémon Go wouldn’t even exist without the advance of battery technology. When I was that kids age you needed AA’s baby!

A date? Well isn’t that cute…..

I will say this, even though it was hot and sunny out, people were out in it all because of a game. If that is what it takes then alright! Go! But keep writing.


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