Using an Android tablet Google Keep and getting distracted from my blog

Using dictation from Google on an Android tablet I bought in America this summer. I wanted to use dictation and the portable format of an Android tablet makes it a lot easier to do so. The only disadvantage I see is that it has to be connected to the internet in order to allow Google to do the speech to text feature. I want to be more mobile than that so it’s a little frustrating  I can only use it in my home.
On the other hand I’m enjoying using the tablet as a writing tool. Dictation has definitely improved my word count. I’m using this in conjunction with Google Keep, a pretty useful program for taking notes. I find the color tabbing and category futures make it easy for me to create ideas on the Fly. In fact I’m using dictation right now to draft out this blog article. But the truth is I haven’t been able to do the typing and writing I would really like to do for my blog.
I am excited because it got me more connected with things like Twitter and using Facebook. This does not mean I use either more frequently, but it does mean I can access them more frequently if needed. Also Android tablets have a mini SD card slot which is easier for me to upload things like documents and pictures. In that way I feel I’m actually being more creative and productive on this device. But I don’t think I’m getting quality writing done like I had on my typing pad.
So I’m apologizing for the shiny new toy of dictation, while not being able to get out more blog articles which I should be doing as a writer. But I don’t apologize for being more creative, for getting the ideas down faster, which ultimately will produce more written works and that’s the whole goal. My target is to write as much as possible, get the ideas swimming around in my head, to come out on the printed page. Now that I can do it with dictation I feel the ideas racing faster and faster.
Everyone out there in the blogging world, keep writing!


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