Editing (almost finished Gold River City 100)

Editing, a word that strikes fear and loathing for some writers, anxiety in others, and for a rare few-joy. I fit in the last category, for editing is actually the fun part for me much of the time really. Maybe it is the proof reading which can really get to me.

My latest novel, Gold River City 100, is almost ready to convert to its .modi file. I just need to make sure sentences sound the way they should, letters haven’t been dropped or misplaced, and the general flow of the thing is consistent. With 100 chapters this is a long run task, let me type you! But I feel more confident that the finished product(italics) will be as good as I can polish it now.

I am using Kindle Writer 2 software and that has been the only investment I have made in the ebook process so far. Other than time of course, but I might have to actually shell out some money to get this book off the ground with advertising. Kindle Direct Publishing has their ways and I might try a couple Fiverr pathways.

The main news is my book is set to launch September 28, the same day I started the books outline one year ago. If anyone would like to get a free copy for review, please leave a comment and I will do my best to direct one your way.

All you writers and present day editors out there-keep writing!


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