Not on Fire, But Kindled

Amazon Kindle was my first introduction to e-book readers. I still use the same one, with the typing pad and the buttons to turn pages. It is a revolutionary device and I am very thankful that Amazon designed such a product. It has changed the way people very published material, especially how it is consumed.


In walks the e-book writer. The writer likes Kindle, and other e-book readers like Nook. The writer wants to publish on them, especially Kindle through the Kindle Direct Publishing sight. So he digs in and produces books for the medium. It is great to see a book on Kindle, but chances are-if you’re an author-you are probably not seeing your book on someones else’s device. Even if you give it out for free, people just don’t do anything with it.

I was fired up to publish on Kindle as I had two completed novels and knew Kindle was the right place to put them out into a bigger pond. I have worked to get more novels ready and published. I have enrolled in the advertising services of Amazon Marketplace. I have announced my books on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Path, Twitter  and yes, WordPress. I have given away many copies to be reviewed. I have done my best to reinvent good covers that grab people’s attention.

The results:

0 sales

This is not a gripe, just an observation. I know a big part of this is because I don’t live in an English speaking country, so my target audience is you, the internet reader, and that limits me considerably. It limits the personal word of mouth pitch that would make all the difference. Still, I am searching for a better way.

Remember I am not searching for a quicker way, just a better way. Book sales are just a form of feed back an author can be thankful for. They’re concrete, they mean something tangible. Reviews are in the same category, they tell us people are doing something with what we have written.

For the writer who is self publishing with no return they feel left in limbo. Afloat on a sea of uncertainty and questions. Uncertain about whether they made a mistake somewhere, if they haven’t been working hard enough (don’t call me lazy-it’s the worst word I know!) or this is the final nail in their writing life’s coffin. Questions like: Is it in the wrong category? Should I spend more on advertising? Would it help if I cheated and wrote a review of my book to boost it out of obscurity? Will giving away more copies for free help? Should I high ball or low ball the price of my book? Do I need to change the cover again? Is there something wrong with my description? And the list could go on and on infinitum.

Then there is the pressure one places on oneself to produce more. This double-edged blade is a blessing and a curse, but mainly does force more writers to write. Hey it might be better than rejection slips from publishers. So we come up with the next big idea, trying not to get writers fatigue chasing after it until it is produced. That is what writing is all about-a mad way to live, but a good way!

Back to Kindle, or rather being kindled to set my writing life on fire. Things are not always what they appear and even though, in my own honesty, my book sales are floundering, I have great thankfulness that I have gotten to this point in my authoring life. It is progress, and you never fail if you don’t stop trying.

Any advice from out there in the blog world? Please feel free to type down a couple of notes. I appreciate feedback. Hey, we’re all in the same boat together.

Keep writing.



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