Apple Turnover Murder: A Review Without Recipes

Joanne Fluke creates a charming world in Lake Eden. A world where her main character bakes, love is in the air, and murder sneaks up in the wings. After reading a similarly charming world constructed by Lillian Jackson-Braun I was much more satisfied with Mrs. Fluke’s portrayal of a small college town and its much more realistic personalities. Her style can be described as charming in her characters and places, but practical in her plots. She was ingenious to have recipes sprinkled through out her books. By inserting these foods into the story line themselves she gets to describe their tastes and other:s reactions to them before she gives the reader their own chance to bake up something delicious. It might be a gimmick, but it’s a really good and original gimmick! I was also impressed with her main character:s struggle in choosing which man she loved more. Was it the consistent and gentle Dentist Norman or the hard thinking, practical tough police officer Mike? Then there are other characters like her mother Delores, her sisters Michelle and Andrea, her partner at the Cookie Jar Lisa and her police officer husband Herb, even the evil ladies man Bradford Ramsey all who build the story into something the reader wants to care about and be involved in. Looking at the list of other books she has written in this series I see this book is #13, so she has had some times to develop them all. Yet the book stands very much alone without need for reading any other to get the idea of what kind of people you’re dealing with from the start. I enjoyed Apple Turnover Murder and recommend it if you’re looking for a new murder mystery to read. I give it an EXCELLENT rating.


Reviewed a couple of years back and still an interesting read!


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