Book Review: The People of the Mist

The Amazon Kindle is a great tool for reading, and as my first book to read on its surface I chose The People of the Mist. It is a free download on and was recommended by my mother, who had read it lately and said it was a great ride. Indeed it is one of the first of the adventure genre for me to read. Old or not the story switches back between the savage and the civilized, the clever and the heroic, the greedy and the honorable. It’s Victorian romantic ideal had its own charm, so internal and concealing those people thought about love. Maybe they had something in it perchance?  Henry Rider Haggard set up story which takes the reader on a sweeping loop of a ride, one where he compare so many things, while at the same time building wonderful characters for his readers enjoyment. The faithful but savage dwarf Otter, the lovely maiden Juanna, the heroic yet flawed Leonard, the sinister insane Soa and the guilty yet pure Priest Francisco. I am happy I read this book first on my Kindle. It shows me some part of what adventures will come my way while reading on this device!


The best example of early adventure style writing that we can relate to these days. An interesting read I undertook a couple years back.


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