Attention! Flying Sweater Spotted!


Here the sweater was first spotted flying over a public bathroom in a park. I tried to take a clear picture, but the sweater was moving too fast-even for my camera!


Here the sweater shot directly overhead. It was thrilling and very close. I would have feared for my life, luckily I had my wits about me and kept snapping pictures.


The sweater made a pass to pick up my daughter in this second photo! I was lucky when I moved the sound of my jeans swooshing together must have distracted it and the wind blew it off course and back into the sky.


Here the sweater hovered in air (something even harder to believe than a flying sweater!). I took this shot the second it began to rocket up into the sky, then it was gone. Like a sunny day in Ishikawa, gone quicker than my daughter’s patience!

All photos were not doctored in any way



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