Jeesheen-Nai! Was there an Earthquake?

Jishin is the Japanese word for earthquake. Jishin-nai means you have no confidence, so I am using this as a play on words here.

Today there was an alarm for an impending earthquake broadcast over the new emergency alert system in the town. I ran to turn on the TV, but there was nothing. All the news was about the funeral for the Emperor’s brother which is happening today. But I had heard the alarm, it had sounded at least twice. Even the wave controlled clock showed there was an earthquake alarm. I didn’t feel anything. Everyone seemed to be acting normally outside. Sort of reminds me of the time I saw two tornadoes in Illinois and the sirens never went off. I had no confidence in the system after that, but is this the same? I hope not…….

Keep writing. Even if the ground doesn’t shake. Keep writing.


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