Teaching English


For me teaching has been a great privilege. To be able to enjoy giving children and adults lessons for the past 16 years has been a dream I didn’t know would come true, because I never expected to be a teacher.

“So you’ve graduated university!”

“Thanks.” I would say.

“What did you major in?”

“I have a history degree.”

“So are you going to teach in high school or something?”


“Then what are you going to do? Work in a museum?”

The questions were all the same, but luckily for me God already had a plan-the Japan Plan. I came to help a missionary build a house and never really left. I got a job and stayed on as a conversational English teacher and now I see it fits me.

God knows what we are all made of and for. He sent me here and through the experiences of different companies I finally ended up opening my own school. My wife is a good teacher herself, though she probably didn’t realize she would ever be doing that sort of thing before she met me!

English is an interesting topic to teach. There are so many avenues for students to get lost on, to divert ones attention. I have found it a continuing challenge to keep the teaching exciting and worth the effort. Partly this is due to having incredible students.

Teaching is really sharing with a salary in a way. You have to give part of yourself to the act, you’ve got to be interested in inspiring others to learn. For all of you teachers out there-keep up the good job, and if you aren’t doing well, fix it-for your students sake and your own.

Keep writing!


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