Probably Never Popular? Marathon Bible Readings

In this day and age of people consuming programming in what has been termed marathon watching I think it would be great if churches held Marathon Bible readings.


Let us not beat around the weasel people: the Bible is being neglected and we need to get back into it. I was reading through 1st and 2nd Timothy the other night, a quick read actually, and was struck again and again by Paul’s encouragement and teaching to his brother Timothy-and by extension all of us today.


My idea? Take time to read several books of the Bible in a single sitting. This would mean either minor books in the Old Testament, or slimmer letters in the New Testament. My idea is not meditation, but getting the overview. People get hung up on verses of importance, which is good to do, but then miss the point of the bigger message the author of the book was driving at. I want you to get the message, the big picture, so you can take it with you.


You can’t take a TV show or movie with you. The Bible can be taken with you and practiced in your life ever day. Why not run that marathon instead?



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