The Cat Who Had 60 Whiskers


This was my first encounter with Lilian Jackson Braun. Her works had been recommended to me by my ailurophile(cat lover) Aunt. I saw it on the shelf of the library and decided to add some diversity to my reading. Having just read two men’s biographies and currently reading another, it was a big shift to read a woman writer. Clearly Lilian Braun is a writer who writes for women, creating a world of excitement and tension where a man would never see such things. She has the writing talent and her style goes quickly while bouncing between events, the main character’s journal entries and poetic verse. There is a lot of anecdotal rabbit trailing, which I am fond of at times. The main difficulty for me is that it seems to come from no-where and return into no where. The main character, Quilleran, a columnist for a local newspaper who rides a British bicycle and is fond of his two cats Koko and Yum Yum, loses a lot by the end of the book. He is a person who doesn’t like unanswered questions and the ending leaves me feeling the same way. His cat Koko is the center stage feline personality who alerts him to deaths and who to trust, while Yum Yum seems an unfortunately 2 dimensional backdrop. A murder happens, not to spoil the plot (because this doesn’t) and it is a very clean incident. I will say this, variety in a person’s reading will make you sit up and tack notice. I enjoyed the read and am tempted, if given the opportunity at the library to have a second chance at one of her books in The Cat Who series I would do so to see if her stories are better in other works. I give it a rating of GOOD.

I read at least 5 of her books, but as mentioned earlier, I haven’t been able to get back into them for locational reasons!


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