Transcribe Me

I have recently gotten back into transcribing as a way to keep the work flow moving in my writing life. Dictating my ideas from an outline is a good way to get the first draft of the story out in the open so I can shoot at it with my mental arrows. I took a trip with my niece and nephew to Kyoto this summer and during that trip recorded 6 hours of audio. It encompasses most of the activities we did, being recorded on two tapes I transferred to Audacity and converted to .mp3 files.

Now you might be wondering where I am going with this? Dictation has one caveat-transcription! You need to get the audio into text. Not as easy as it sounds. If you use software you need to insert all of the periods and commas and next lines to format what you are saying. If you use a transcription service you have to pay out to have someone do the listening and typing for you. Then there is always the option of doing it yourself, but then why did you dictate in the first place if you would have to triple that time to copy it down later?

Triple, sometimes that is the way dictation feels. It takes a long time to copy down from audio what is being said. Because you and I can speak faster than we can type. So that is why transcription services are not exactly cheap. An average quote is $1 a minute. So if you have an hour of audio that’s $60 to get it in print-and since it’s only a rough draft you’ve still got a ways to go now don’t you? And you already shelled out $60 to save you time.

I’ve got to tackle 5 more hours of audio and this typing isn’t going to help get that done. My goal is to get the manuscript down and then hammer it out for a Christmas release date which would make 3 books released this year. I don’t know if I can do it, might even hurt my hands trying to type it all down!


Keep Writing!


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