Braun and the Bombshell


It was another one of Lilian Braun’s books, The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell that finished out many nights these past few weeks. Also helped me keep my pace as I cycled at the gym. My habit for cardiac exercise is to read books while on a recumbent stationary bicycle. I can go a lot longer when I am involving myself in a story. Braun errs on the side of charming, but not much else. This installment brought unresolved murder, accidents at a treacherous bridge she uses again in another story I believe and the murder by mold of two talked about, but never seen in person, greats of the community. Koko the cat does his psychic shadowing, but Braun’s main man Quillerian never gets directly in the action. He broaches topics much like the people in his local coffee shop voice scattered and humorous opinions. I:m not a stickler for tying up every loose end. Really I am not. It just seems to be Braun leaves so many undone at the end of some of her works that a floaty feeling is all that gets left of the story. My main point is, I like resolution in some form. Quill is moving to the Willows for the winter, he is moving back to the barn, he is temporarily moving back to the Willows. That is about it. If there is one thing Lilian Jackson Braun is good at it is her ability to tell the passing of everyday events in a way that makes them seem like a soap opera. Maybe that is what people mean by charm. It’s like Murder, She Wrote only without Jessica Fletcher, murders getting solved Christy style, and instead serving up with cats.

Wish I could get to the library and see if they have gotten any more of these in since I last read one, been a long while ago now.


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