Ordeal by Innocence, a Mysterious Review


I have started reading Agatha again after about a year of keeping her tucked away on my Kindle. This is partly because I was reading Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books, the first two Percy Jackson books and started (but not finished) Dune.

So I took up this one and was surprised. Agatha was good at the character novel, the detective or solution finder who made the book a fast read. But that same point becomes formulaic and was part of the reason I had not read any of her books in a while. I was bored with her. Forgive me Agatha, for I was wrong.

Ordeal by Innocence is a different work from many I have read. It is not like other family mysteries because a detective never shows up. Only the character Calgary who is a research and has just come back to England after an expedition the Antarctic. He is also the one who starts the whole sequence into motion.

The family is made of a hodge-podge mix of a foreigner, five adopted children, father and secretary. The mother is murdered and a son is blamed. As the book unfolds there is a lot of wondering and Agatha makes you think it could be any of the characters, but then the field narrows, the knife twists and a conclusion abruptly arises.

Agatha Christie keeps surprising me, which is why I think she has endured for so long despite the distance in time and now culture in which she wrote. This is a great read, I highly recommend it.


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