Mort or DEATH or How to be Human and Not Human


Terry Pratchett’s Discworld is a group of works like no other I have read so far. Why these have not been made into movies I do not know, and am very, very grateful that they have not. Why? Movies make people lazy readers. Read people, it’s good for you!

So Mort is the story of a boy, named-well Mort, who becomes Death’s apprentice. On the Discworld Death is a character with a skull and skeleton figure, a black robe covering it all and a scythe for getting souls with as is his job. I bet you didn’t know that Death has a daughter, and before you say-”Brother, I married her!” She is 16 and chubby. But the story of Mort and his adventures is an incredible trip that keeps opening doors.

Death as a character is one of the most interesting, funny, believable types of people you would ever meet. You might want to say likable at times. Mort is a stumble-over-his-own-knees sort of fellow who becomes a power unto himself. Reality starts to fix itself and all of them work to undo the effects of history reworking until Death himself has taken up being a short order cook who likes to feed cats in the stinkiest city on the Discworld, Ank-Morpork.

I know, I know, it is all very confusing when write it, so instead you should just go and read it. Pratchett tells his stories best, after all that was his whole purpose in living.

Keep reading, and keep writing!


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