Sourcery, another Review…..


In Pratchett’s Discworld the 8 son is destined to become a wizard. They will study at Unseen University and do their skill in some capacity out in the world. There is one hitch, they can not marry and have kids. What happens if they do? The 8 son of a wizard is a sorcerer, an ultra-powerful magician who can create magic from his own mind. These people made a mess of the Discworld in the distant past and so the practice of banning wizards from marrying. Well someone doesn’t listen and Rincewind and a host of other characters are out to stop the world from falling apart again.

I really enjoyed this book for the way it played with imaginary ideas that made your mind’s eye really squint. Along the way things get destroyed, ice giants awakened, the sun starts moving a way it shouldn’t and a little boy with a powerful metal staff and golden eyes finds out what he really is.

Keep writing!


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