Killing the Paper Tiger

It isn’t often the idea strikes me to create something quickly. I mean in the book sense of the thought. My old blog had been out there for about 6 years and was not gathering dust, in fact the sight was having more hits than this sight is having-a lot more. Yet I was not updating any information and it was laying fallow, so what to do? I backed up all data, picked out the most important and interesting posts, added my own comments and details, then formatted it all into a book.


Then I killed my blog. Unbelievable isn’t it? Never done than, but blogs are not an endangered species. It was the first time I had ever killed one and it was sort of painless, but the blog was an important place for me and this book was a way to lay it to rest.

I designed the cover using Canva. I highly recommend them if you have some skill in designing and need a simple place to do it. The formatting of the book was done using Kindle Writer 2 software. All in all I am happy with the book and my hope is you will be too!

Please have a look at it.

Killing the Paper Tiger

Excerpts from a Blog Ended


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