Personally Speaking


This past couple of months have been a whirlwind of activity for me. We had a trip to Osaka to renew my daughter’s passport. I was getting my latest book finished up (to which I just noticed today the title was wrong on the Amazon sight!). My curiosity lead me to find my drivers license was expired since last January and so I went through the process of getting it renewed (not a fun or easy task here).

In life writing can get hairy. I want to write, but then everything crowds in and the writing doesn’t get done. I know, I know, the whining baby, right? No, just the sober adult who wishes to do better.

How can a man (or woman), get the work done in-spite of themselves? That is the great mystery of getting things done. I continue to push forward, starting a new book this last week, continuing to dictate two other books simultaneously. One a detective/family drama hybrid and the other a comedy (that’s right folks-COMEDY!).


Dictation is particularly useful as I can walk and talk at the same time. I like to walk at night so that people aren’t looking at a foreigner, I live in Japan so that you know, going-”Why is he holding that silver box to his face?” or more likely-”What is the fattest smart phone I have ever see!” Though it is in actuality a Sony tape recorder I have used for ages and has not yet broken. Function over fashion folks. So I walk the dark streets to the rice fields and then walk between the fields on the dirt roads and dictate my stories. Getting some much needed activity at the same time.

Life is a challenge we must all face up to every morning when we swing our legs off the bed. I’m still fighting and I hope you are too.

Keep Writing.




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