Last Letter First Look


A couple of days ago I got a package from the States. In it were 4 bottles of Therabreath mouthwash (the best I have ever used-ever!) and a game for my English classroom. I am happy to report that the mouthwash and the game both work great!

The game is called Last Letter and is made by Thinkfun. Here in Japan there is a popular word game called Shiri-tori, which is played by linking words through the last letter. For example:

Apple-Egg-Girl-Lemon-Nifty-Yellow-Wish-Hack-Kangaroo-Oh, you get the idea don’t you?

What Thinkfun did was produce a set of imagination provoking cards, that people use to forward the words of the game. The goal is a bit like UNO in that all cards are discarded and you win. What I was not expecting was the quality and imaginative designs on the cards!

They are simply wonderful, I truly liked some of the images and feel that using them in classes has been a big hit-especially with adult students who have a big imagination and vocabulary bank to go with the images. My wife was shocked when I used these in a class of over 70 year old and they shot out words like bullets!

After 4 days of use I highly recommend these cards for teachers, most useful for Jr. High School and above. Check them out on Amazon today.



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