Rory’s Story Cubes The Review


I changed the way I write thanks to these cubes. Flat out statement isn’t it? But the truth is GameWright has produced an incredibly simple, well made, durable product that is inexpensive and tickles the imagination.

I can’t remember now where I ran across these dice, but it must have been on-line as they are not available in Japan over the counter so to type. I now have three sets, plus building up a huge collection of other story dice for helping craft short stories. Rory’s Story Cubes were the first!

After getting my first set I ambitiously set out to make a 100 blog posts based on rolling 3 dice from the set of 9 and crafting a story from what images came up. Though it might have been doomed from the start I did get 25 stories written and knew I was on to something that could help my story writing. That came to fruition with the publication of my book Gold River City 100.

As for the teaching aspect of these cubes there are some problems. Children are not good at using them in a teaching situation for ESL, but they do have some usefulness for adult students. Roll a dice and that image is a prompt for a memory or a story starter. The novelty of them usually takes students by surprise too which is always a nice feature.

If you would like to try these dice for telling stories I would highly recommend them to anyone. Buy a set and see what you can get rolling!


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