Mountain River Dead-end


Recently my wife and I went for a hike trying to scout out a place to fish next season. We had heard about one place that we had been near for hiking and decided to drive up as the weather was good that day.

Several years ago an avalanche had blocked the road we were expecting to take, but we thought it would be repaired by now. We were wrong as the road was still closed and so we parked across the river at the ski resort and walked up a path that the map in the parking area said had a bridge to the other side further up.


We hiked into a fall foliage dreamland, colorful and interesting, but also a little daunting. Bears and other animals were clearly busy in this place as the ground was dug up in many places. We made it to an outside hot spring, but it was all boarded up. The bridge had its planks taken out and there was a rope across it saying it was closed. So the hike was a bust, no way to where we thought we could go. My wife seemed happy as the thought of bears crept into her mind.


We saw some trout in the stream and they were pretty big sometimes. Makes me excited to fish there next Spring. I am seriously considering buying a license for the season if the prospects look good.

Keep writing!


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