The Power of Dates


About a year ago, when Costco opened here in Nonoichi, I bought a box of dates as a healthy snack. The plastic box was full of whole dates, with the pits, and I ate through them daily for months. They keep well and soon I was buying another box.

Now on my third box of dates I decided to take a moment and research the benefits of this ancient fruit. To my surprise I found out dates are really good for me-much more so than the obvious dietary fiber I knew them to contain.

Here is a brief list, gleaned from about the health benefits

-re-leaves constipation (obviously)

-high in minerals including; magnesium, copper, selenium, and sulfur.

-helpful for intestinal disorders including abdominal cancer

-re-leaves anemia

-promotes weight gain

-energy boost

-help reduce LDL cholesterol

-reduce sexual disorders

-remedy for hangover

-re-leave some forms of seasonal allergies

-have a pit made of solid gold

No I am only joking about that last one, but as my search for information turned up dates are a gold mine of benefits that I am happy to take advantage of. So I eat a date a day, or more often three as they are easy to eat. I placed two in my morning juice this a.m. And it tasted fine.


My advice people-go get a date.

Keep Writing.


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