Identify this worm and I will…….

Fall is raging towards winter here and my family took a walk up a closed mountain road scouting out fishing spots for next year. Yes, I did find several trout in the streams and am excited for next season, but we also ran across something rather odd on the road.


I saw what looked like a white root on the road and noticed it was moving! I started taking pictures of it and told my daughter not to touch it-she will touch almost any insect if not told otherwise.


It measured about 25cm and was very slender. It obviously was supposed to mimic a root, but it had no eye and only a brownish “head” that moved forward. It was using snake like locomotion and when we came back about 30 minutes later it was crossing in the other direction, determined to go someplace.


I have not idea what it is, first time I have ever seen anything like in here in Japan. Any ideas? Any Entomologists out there?

Keep writing!


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