Hime-Ringo: Picking and slow cooking Japanese Princess-Apples

Japan is a great place for apples. I should know, I myself come from New York, where the apples are some of the best in the States. I bought two apple trees last year and this year got two large apples off my Jyona Gold tree and about 30 Princess-Apples off the other.


This small apple is bigger than what we in North America call a crab apple and is much closer in color and consistency to a normal type of apple. These have been on the tree for a long time, at least 3 months or more, but I waited to right up before the weather is set to turn because they are usually pretty tart.


I picked and washed them. Then I peeled a couple and left their chopped quarters drizzled in honey in the fridge for a couple hours. They were sweeter, but with a bite to them.


Next, at the suggestion of my wife, I peeled all of the rest and placed them in a slow cooker with a cup of red wine and about 4 tbs of honey and a cup of sugar. Then I cooked them for 4 hours.

They might look like beets at this stage, but on yogurt there is nothing better. Bona petit!

Keep writing.


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