Leap of Faith, leaving for the water and finding you’ve gained the world

Ed Robinson is an interesting author. He has a lot of books on Amazon right now. Not bad for a guy who quit his job, bought a trawler in Florida and claims to be retired at 50. Well for a guy who says life is now perfect he is really milling out the material of ebooks!

Still his book, Leap of Faith, which is also the name of his boat, is a really good read. It is one of the best contemporary examples of writing a really straight opinion about American culture and its pit falls at present. In one chapter he really nails Americas problems to the page and let me tell you, he nailed it right on the head.

The big word is Debt. I have been thinking about this point a lot. At 40 I am working my tail off to pay off my house loan before I reach 50. I will do it. Unless there is a disaster I will and the reason is not because I need to-it’s because I have made it a priority. Debt takes away from the NOW and Ed Robinson understands this.

You may never sell all you have and live the frugal life on a boat, that’s fine, but his book still has a validity to it rarely seen in this sort of advice based book. Leap of Faith is a leap into joy, into happiness and unabashed love of sunsets, manatee’s, sand dollars and reading a book with one’s feet propped up on the side of your boat. It is in short a message that you should be enjoying life and not letting it work you to death. Give it a read, you might be surprised.

Keep reading, keep writing.


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