Less, Yes Less

I have been in the process of expelling things from my life. Mainly in the area of items, trying to sell and throw what is essentially the float-some of life. Debris that has built up around the house over the last three years which is now being dealt with in a utilitarian manner.

Stuff, that is the problem. “Use it or lose it,” might be a good thought to guide you in evaluating life’s many items, but of course it is not a fool proof way to judge what should stay and what should go. I guess the best way to as yourself is “If I keep this is it the wisest thing to do?”

Wisdom is a powerful, often lost, concept to guide one’s life by. When we see that we don’t need things to make us happy then many of those obsolete chunks can be gotten out the door of our lives.

How much more can you do without the stuff that is cluttering up your world? Could you love your spouse or partner better? Would it help shift your focus to more important things? Would you enjoy your time with your children better if you didn’t have to keep us the facade of all the junk life tries to sell us?

I am living in Japan. Oddly this means that a lot of the commercialism of my American homeland doesn’t get to me at all. I don’t watch TV (praise the Lord) and my main consumption of English is in the form of books. So the influence is not as important on my decision making as it would be in my home country.

My point-Less is More. Learn to do more with less and learn to be happy without needing anything to be happy by. God has given all of us a great amount of blessings. Health or family or financial means or just the sun rising over the horizon one more day. Forget about the stuff and start living with the people of life. I’ll be doing that today, count on it!

Keep writing!


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