Nemesis-or How I came to Meet Miss Marple

I had never read a Miss Marple mystery before this book. I am not sure why, but the main reason seems to stem from chance. I have read a great many Hercules Poirot novels, most of which were good (save Sad Cyprus) so I was wondering when I would fall into reading about the old gal.

Interestingly this is where I picked her up, at the end of her days it would appear. Not that this is the last of that person, but it gives the impression that she is even more elderly than she must have been in a previous work.

My impressions; honestly it was a clever format to use an old woman. She is unassuming and clever, but if you have read any of these then you know it is the intellectual over the passionate that wins for her, much like Poirot. However even Hercules had a thing for dramatic reveals, where as Marple did not.

Nemesis is an interesting read. Longish by Christie’s standards, and a bit repetitive, but in the informative-looking at every angle sense. There is a good deal of suspense and twists. Observation is the key point of her existence and the use of comparative personalities to solve what, in this case, was a crime she had been asked to undertake, yet had not the slightest of notions what the outcome would be.

I would recommend this interesting and creative mystery to those who like to think, but not for those used to more modern styles of action over mentality. The action is all cerebral really and you might be left sleeping instead of page turning. On the other hand, be patient and understand why I think it was a great book. There is something there, and it is a word, the most feared word in the world: love.


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