Inclement Weather


There are a great many things in life that can fill us with awe, but one is surely lightning. I am not a fan of electric bolts from the blue, or more likely gray, skies, but they are awe inspiring.

Winter is in full force here in Japan and with it the flashes of lightning. Hokuriku, the particular area of this country in which I reside, is known for its bad electrical storms. My church got hit once and fried all of the pastor’s electronics. Telephones, computers, printers, the works.

Now it is hailing out and thus the light show. It is only just before 2 in the afternoon and the plinking sounds on my windows are loudly protesting the change of temperatures that must be happening beyond them.

The old saying goes, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Well yes, that is true, but tell that to the guy who doesn’t have any good shoes! No, wait-back up, turn around, check the wind.

Keep writing.



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