Addicted to Reading, Writing or Laziness?

I find it odd that I could be encouraged in my writing career by the oddly rough hewn humor of Capt. Fatty Goodlander. He is writing, daily, 4 hours. To do that he had to at times even write in a bathroom. He did not give up and that made all the difference, and it would for me too-but I am lazy. I hate that word, but it is probably the more true thing to write. I am lazy. There I admitted it to myself so now what is it I need to do?

Addicts are supposed to get out of their problems by doing what is positive and proactive in getting them away from their addiction. Sometimes this does involve confronting the problem head on and punishing it. More often though it has to do with fleeing in the right direction and building positive things to replace what was a serious problem.

Listen, I know that my life is pretty good. That much is the truth. I write whenever I can and have been able to write quite a bit-but that is not enough. It certainly isn’t enough to live on, and even if I could that is no guaranteed income either! Being a writer is about writing and my laziness (expressed many times at this season, which some call rationalizing, by the fact that I am reading more than writing) is excuse-less. I must be writing! Do you hear me world of the wide web? Write or Die. There’s a motto for you!

So, as always-Keep writing.


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