Lazy, then Action

I kicked my own butt this morning, trying to guilt myself into writing and yes it has paid off. I have been working out new chapters in an information book I need to finish called Maximum Advertising for your small English school in Japan. Basically I created a bulletin version and have been filling out the information-or retyping it from the dictated notes of my Android based tablet.

The results? Well, three chapters written in a draft. They need references and another draft, but it is progress and I am happy to be writing. I can do this even as my daughter is playing with Lego’s on the floor.

Life is good and so is God. He give the time to get accomplished what needs to be done. This morning I prayed I would have some time to get working on things and that prayer has been answered.

Looks like I am on the up-swing^

Keep writing-because I am and you can too!


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