If Christmas Were Everyday

I am a father. Having a child is a great responsibility and I am thankful for having one. She was an answer to prayer and is a great joy, but also a big challenge. This is why I titled this blog post If Christmas Were Everyday, remembering that it was Jesus birthday helped me to control my frustrations/anger when my child acted up.

God our Father in heaven is much more patient than we are, amen? He gives us a lot of time when He could just slam us for the problems we ourselves make. He protects us and guides us. He gives even when we don’t ask. How about being a parent than reflects this?

One of my friends told me she only understood how a parent could perpetrate child abuse after she herself had children. Keeping your composure and not getting angry are really hard to do once the kids start finding your weak spots. I have gotten more angry at my daughter than at anything my wife has every done or said, and usually for the most stupid things.

On Christmas Eve and day I really took to keeping calm and thankful as I didn’t want my daughter to think of Christmas as a time of stress and problems, but one of joy and caring. Which is where the title, I know I am repeating myself, comes in. If we could treat our loved ones in the caring and giving way that we do on Christmas then the message Christ Himself brought would travel a whole lot further wouldn’t it? Especially through our children, who are the future.

Christmas is over here in Japan. My wife was in the supermarket yesterday (Christmas day) and even though there was holiday music playing the staff were tearing down all the decorations in preparation for the New Years decorations that are a bigger part of this season over here. We’ve already packed the nativity scene. I will work on the Christmas tree and maybe take down the outside lights today too.

My point is, kindness and a forgiving spirit should be daily part of our lives. Not simply a holiday-ly characteristic. That the message Christ brought by His birth would carry through all seasons. Let’s spread that Love, Hope and Joy as we step into 2017 together.

I’m right there with you.

Keep writing.


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