Many years ago I created the idea for a superhero called Momentus. He was a big fat guy who crashed through barriers by throwing his weight around. His momentum was his weapon.

For the writer momentum is an important idea too. Many are the tails of authors who have sat down to write and didn’t stop until they were several weeks and multiple razor blades away from a shave and any form of sanity left in their husk of a humanity.

Keroake-ing aside, writers do need TIME to write. We need it and seldom find a world that allows us to have it. Things crowd in, especially if you are married with kids. Writers dream of having unlimited times of productivity-that is part of their dream lifestyle I think.

So we’ve all got to get fat with our ego’s and start throwing our weight around-to brake down the barriers that stand in our way as writers? Maybe that would lead to more problems, but there is a point in getting what you need in order to become what you desire.

J.K. Rowling says to authors to be tenacious about your writing time. Don’t let people interrupt you when you are working. I agree, though it is hard to justify it when you are working another job or other things are supposed to be the priority in life. It is making writing the priority that will take the effort. Then once you are there you’ve got to keep fighting for it.

As one writer to the world-Keep writing!


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