Simon Insane

This past Christmas, in the search for games for my daughter, I came across that 1980’s game Simon. They were selling them on-line through and so we bought one. The box was in English and it looks just like the nostalgic version of the original game, except that you only have to lightly touch the pads to make it work.

So far I have gotten to level 14 and my daughter has gotten at least that far. It is bare bones and simple which makes it even better. My only complaint about it is there is no volume control or way to kill the sound which would make it a much easier to use toy, but otherwise it is great.


Why buy my daughter Simon? Shortly after getting married I swore off video games and have never looked back. I am trying to get my daughter to stay away from them too. Not that all games are bad, they are not, but the time suck aspect is a serious issue and I want her to challenge her brain. Funny, I sound like a really old man……

Nostalgic games, like Monopoly and Mouse Trap, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Guess Who and Connect 4 are great for spending time with your child. Sure, a game like Simon can drive you to an early grave, but it also brings back childhood memories too. Best of all? Most are still cheaper than their cartridge game counterparts.

Keep writing.


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